Quiet Hours

by 3Unit




released 08 November 2013

3Unit is: Patrick Landy (Keyboard, Vocals) Andy Stawasz (Drums) Brian Meagher (Bass, Vocals) Dennis Kutateladze (Lead Vocals, Guitar)

3Unit would like to thank JAM, Alan Rose and the Restless Elements, Samuel B. Lupowitz and the Ego Band, Courtney Koelbel, The WVBR Crew: Chad Crowley, Rebecca Deveau-Greene, and Dan Cole, the U of Rock staff and competitors, Chris Carpenter and ICTV’s The Encore, David Tran, Roshun Alur, Matthew Weatherly, Erica Freeman, Zach Hempstead, Gavin Peterkin, Joanne Wang, Haley Reed, and all of the people we kept awake past quiet hours.

All tracks written and recorded by 3Unit at Just About Music Residence Hall, North Campus, Cornell University, November 2012-May 2013

Album Art by Erin Marynowski




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3Unit Ithaca, New York

Groovy, Ithaca-based rock quartet

We met, started jamming, and still haven't stopped.

Things we almost named the band:
Steelcore Burrito Forcefield Explosion
G-Force 5 Disco Project
Egg Butt Squish
Half-Blink 91
Overs and Outs
Baa Baa and The Black Sheep
Three Younit
... more

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Track Name: Bit by Bit
Do you carry your god around in your pocket?
Are you always there to answer his call?
Or are you just a slave to information?
A "capable citizen" just like us all

Break me down
Bit by bit
Break me down
Break me down
Bit by Bit
Break me down
Because I'm paying for it

Buy me now, I'm bite-sized, sleek and shiny
Sign your name and check the box right now
Show me your friendships and your family
You'll protect your privacy somehow



Track Name: Art
That girl
I spotted her dancing
So completely entrancing
A professional stunner

Oh girl
This party is hopping
Got me swaying and rocking
To the beat of the drummer

Now girl
Those curves are enticing
You’re the cake to my icing
I can’t fight my desire

Hey girl
You’ve got a really nice flavor
Do me a personal favor
Squeeze me tighter and tighter

I’m so obsessed
I just wanna get you to myself
I want to take you out
Show you what this rhythm’s about
I’m so impressed
I want you more than fame or wealth
Put my body to the test
We can make are art out of flesh

Oh girl
You’re so tantalizing
My temperature’s rising
I can’t put out this fire

Hey girl,
The excitement is mounting
You got my heart pounding
With the beat of the drummer
Yeah girl
My whole body’s shakin’
Baby don’t keep me waitin’
Am I making myself clear?

Oh girl
I’m feeling this passion
Got me twistin’ and thrashin’
I am losing control here

Track Name: Johnny Barnes
Hey, buddy, I’m here
Just sitting, thinking about
How you still stand there,
Spreading love to all throughout

Too many people
Don’t show kindness to all.
I’d like to thank you
For answering the call

I know just what it feels like
To be tossed aside.
I know the world won’t listen.
Now I’m waiting for the traffic light

Why can’t you just look around you and see?
Why do you selfishly avert your gaze?
Why can’t you see just how little it takes
For us to light a beacon in the haze?

When is the last time
You wished your neighbor “good day”?
But did you mean it?
Why throw those words away?

You read the paper
And gripe at the TV
Look through your fences
And see what Johnny sees

You gave your words of wisdom.
They’ve been tossed aside
You try, and I won’t fail you
Butt I’m waiting for the traffic light


Track Name: Tyndall
Bump de bump, it goes around, man
Keep it real, or real will keep you underground, man
I’m getting sick of hearing how your side is rough
But I’m glued to the screen because I just can’t get enough so
Make your case, you’ll send them reeling
Keep your base, or they’ll start stealing
The sun goes down, the lights are out, I think I get the gist
But in nineteen hundred hours know that you will not be missed

I just wanted a meeting with a friend
But there’s something in the air tonight that says this has to end

You’re right in front of me and I but I can’t see you anymore
It takes some time to realize that I’m not alone at all
You’re right in front of me and I but I can’t see you anymore

Eye to eye, elbow to elbow
Toe to toe, its pretty mellow
Are you surprised at all when mediocre isn’t missed?
The pseudosacred silence that the stupid scene submits
Plead and beg, it doesn’t cut it
Stop the script, or you’ll be forced to always run it
The pool is out of water but my skin is always soaked
The hat is out of magic but the rabbit’s still evoked